Ningbo Meiqi Acetylene Bottle Co., Ltd. is located in Cicheng, a county town that has been known as the water town of Jiangnan, the top of the literature, and the county that has been used for more than 2,000 years. The geographical advantage is obvious and the traffic is convenient. It is about 15 kilometers away from the center of Ningbo. The Hangzhou Bay passage runs through Cicheng. There are three high-speed exits within a radius of five kilometers. In this strange place on the 30th parallel north latitude, it has a beautiful company that seeks beauty and is cautious and respectful in harmony and self-confidence.
       The company is one of the major manufacturers in the national gas cylinder industry and has been engaged in the manufacture of pressure vessels for more than 30 years. Now it holds the pressure vessel manufacturing license issued by the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision (TS3310432/TS2233053). The company has more than 200 employees, of which engineering and technical personnel account for 20% of the entire factory.
       The company's main products are "NB" brand dissolved acetylene bottles, propane, propylene, liquid ammonia, liquid chlorine and other welding gas cylinders, adsorption natural gas bottles, all kinds of stainless steel welding cylinders, pressure vessels and various welded structural parts, including The dissolved acetylene bottle has been awarded the title of Zhejiang Famous Brand Product and the former Ministry of Chemical Industry Quality Product. The products are exported to Southeast Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, as well as the Middle East, South America, Africa and other countries and regions, and are well received by users.
       The company covers an area of ​​43,000 square meters, with a plant area of ​​22,000 square meters. The main equipments include large automatic welding frames, coil triggers, various welding equipment, flaw detection equipment and physical and chemical equipment. The company has compiled a quality assurance manual according to the GB/T19001-2008 idt ISO9001:2008 series of standards, established a sound quality management system, and strictly operates according to the ISO9001 quality system. The company's engineering and technical personnel, management personnel and technical workers have rich experience in pressure vessel manufacturing, and have formed a set of facilities and technical strengths such as product design, manufacturing, technology development services and testing.
       The company will, as always, abide by the quality policy of "product safety, perfection; service sincerity, hot pillow", and provide customers with continuous and satisfactory products and services with the spirit of "harmonious self-confidence, careful and respectful".

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